Too Big to be Non-Compliant, Why Take the Risk

vw risk

As we’ve preached for years now, regulatory compliance is more than just important in business, it’s an absolute necessity. And the larger the business caught in non-compliance, particularly in cases that affect public health and safety, the deeper and wider the implications and consequences of that non-compliance becomes. This has become very evident in the current scandal involving Volkswagen, the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world.

In this article we look at the potential large-scale consequences of non-compliance, as demonstrated by the Volkswagen scandal.

3 Ways Your Compliance Review Process Can Ensure A High Quality Standard

Today’s compliance officer is facing a growing number of audits, more reporting and sometimes with fewer resources than ever to meet the growing demand of compliance across all business models -whether small, large or somewhere in between. 

In the midst of constantly changing rules and regulations, the compliance officer is bogged down and under pressure to report swiftly.

With this in mind it is essential to make sure the quality of work is just as important as the quantity.

The purpose of this article is to share with you three ways you can ensure the work undertaken by your team is of the highest standard. The audit report MUST reflect enduring rules of professional communication. Spelling and grammar must be correct, and sentences must be well formed and clearly state the various findings and recommendations in a constructive manner.