FTAs, Risk Management and The Transport Industry

Exporting_.jpgAs exporting begins to ramp up like never before in the wake of ChAFTA, the roles of transportation, freight, and logistics are updating their policies and implementing new procedures as  matter of necessity. Incorporating and complying with all of the new sets of regulations involved with such a large opportunity will be challenging, meaning that risk management efforts in these areas need to be elevated as well.

Clever Compliance Solutions Avoid Expensive Logistics and Product Returns


The global online economy is a huge game changer for both consumers and businesses, but not always in a good way. When auditing is performed well throughout the supply chain, everyone wins. When there’s a breakdown in this process, however, losers abound.

I love to browse on Amazon, not only to purchase things, but also to read reviews and determine which products people are happy or unhappy with before deciding on a purchase. It’s amazing how many times reviewers mention that the item described is different from what they actually received.

In this article we discuss how weak supply chain QC vastly increases costs and decreases customer satisfaction, but good auditing software solves this issue.

Fleet Maintenance Safety and Compliance, Keeps Your Wheels Turning


Having worked in the transport and logistics industry sector for the past 20 years, and auditing thousands of small, medium and large transport operators across Australia, I can say with confidence those transport operators who choose to take a systematic and preventative approach to Fleet Maintenance Management outperform and win more business than those who choose to stick with reactive type maintenance regimes.

8 Steps to Help Compliance Officers Audit Their Mass Management System


Whether you are a Mass Management accredited operator or not you should be striving to maximise the capability of your fleet (return on investment) whilst ensuring continued compliance with the Road Transport and Safety laws.  

On a daily basis we come across operators (large and small) who for one reason or another have not invested in formalising their approach to Mass Management. These operators, miss out on the immediate productivity and efficiency gains and ultimately become less competitive in this thriving transport and logistics market. The freight task is growing at a rapid rate and if you want to continue to be a player you need to demonstrate to your supply chain that you have the required systems in place to give them assurance that you can deliver best value for money.