Clever Compliance Solutions Avoid Expensive Logistics and Product Returns


The global online economy is a huge game changer for both consumers and businesses, but not always in a good way. When auditing is performed well throughout the supply chain, everyone wins. When there’s a breakdown in this process, however, losers abound.

I love to browse on Amazon, not only to purchase things, but also to read reviews and determine which products people are happy or unhappy with before deciding on a purchase. It’s amazing how many times reviewers mention that the item described is different from what they actually received.

In this article we discuss how weak supply chain QC vastly increases costs and decreases customer satisfaction, but good auditing software solves this issue.

In Compliance, Big Salaries Come With Big Risks and Responsibilities


Compliance has become a huge industry, partly out of wanting to simply do good business, but mostly out of the necessity of complying with ever-increasing rules and regulations from governments and other regulatory agencies.

In response to the new demand, companies are now paying hefty salaries to compliance officers. As with all things, however, great rewards come only from great risks and responsibilities.

In this article we explain why Compliance Officers are earning higher salaries and why they are personally at risk for non-compliance.

FIFA, Corruption and Sports Governance


The world’s most popular sport is facing a crisis of confidence, and not without good reason. What started as an investigation by the United States Department of Justice into bribery concerning broadcast rights, has become an full scale investigation of FIFA as a whole.

Swiss authorities began looking into bribery charges concerning the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process within hours of the broadcasting scandal, and at least 14 officials and marketers for FIFA have already been indicted for corruption.

In this article we analyse FIFA’s corruption problems and offer a solution for the future, through a governance and compliance approach.