The Importance of Workplace Safety In Your Export Supply Chain


Your supply chain is essentially a set of successive contractual arrangements designed to provide you with goods and services that you either use internally or pass on to your customers. This is typically a controlled process, best described as a network with contract conditions and oversight so that your organisation can retain control over the quality of the product you are sourcing.

The Brexit Aftermath: Why Identifying And Managing Supply Chain Risk Is More Important Than Ever For Exporters

global_supply_chain.jpgIf you’re an exporter, last week’s shock result in the UK’s ‘Brexit’ referendum has thrown the importance of supply chain management into the spotlight.

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has rocked markets worldwide, and The Australian reports that some executives and advisers are cooling off on corporate deal-making as boards wait to see how currencies settle and reassess the risk of doing business in Britain.

Good Auditing Practice Converts A Supply Chain Into A Value Chain


There is often some confusion about the difference between the traditional supply chain and what has come to be known as a “value chain”. In reality, the two usually overlap and can even be the same “chain”. The difference lies in the high-level view of the process, but it can be argued in most cases – if not all – that a supply chain that isn’t also a value chain is a sign of poor business practices.

Today we look at creating a value chain for business, and how effective auditing is just as important as ownership for each link in the chain.

Clever Compliance Solutions Avoid Expensive Logistics and Product Returns


The global online economy is a huge game changer for both consumers and businesses, but not always in a good way. When auditing is performed well throughout the supply chain, everyone wins. When there’s a breakdown in this process, however, losers abound.

I love to browse on Amazon, not only to purchase things, but also to read reviews and determine which products people are happy or unhappy with before deciding on a purchase. It’s amazing how many times reviewers mention that the item described is different from what they actually received.

In this article we discuss how weak supply chain QC vastly increases costs and decreases customer satisfaction, but good auditing software solves this issue.

Earning China’s Trust through Auditing and Compliance


If you were to try and imagine a new business opportunity that could literally double or triple your revenues quickly (or more), most business owners would get fairly excited. Opportunities like that don’t come along very often, but a great deal of Australian business owners are now looking head-on at one later this year.

The free trade agreement with China that will come into effect by the end of 2015 will undoubtedly affect many different industries over time, but the fresh food industry is first in line to reap big rewards. Just under 1.4 billion people currently live in China, and by 2030 one billion of them are expected to be middle class. Hello, customers.

In this article we discuss the coming free trade agreement between Australia and China and how transparent auditing can secure your business’s future.

Imported Food Scares raise the need for better Auditing and Compliance


The recent food scares with imported berries and tuna have raised more than public fear and government scrutiny. They’ve once again raised the importance of – and apparent lack of – proper auditing procedures with many organisations around the globe.


In this article we look at food safety and discuss the need for replacing current auditing and compliance systems, in order to safeguard public health. 

When Non-Compliance Becomes a Public Safety Matter

meat counter

A lack of proper compliance standards and systems is always a problem for any business. That’s no great secret. Non-compliant players in a supply chain can cause lowered quality in products, confusion and/or mistrust from the consumer base, delays in inventory deliveries, and more.

While all of these are important and major issues that can – and do – negatively affect business results, none of them elicit the same level of concern and need for immediate action that another three-word issue can: food safety concerns

This article warns about the business and health dangers than can arise from poor supply chain compliance standards.

3 Ways Retail Compliance Officers Can Reduce Potential Problems In Their Supply Chain


Your supply chain is a huge part of, and more often than not a necessity to, your business. Unfortunately, it can also be a huge liability for your business if your suppliers aren’t vetted properly and if you don’t ensure compliance throughout your supply chain.

Thorough vendor risk management, then, must be a vital component of your compliance strategy.

This article explains ways in which retail compliance officers can reduce potential problems in their supply chain.