How An Effective Workflow Can Improve Your Audit Management Process

workflow can improve audit management processKeeping up with the growing demand of audits is causing significant stress for many compliance officers across the globe. Brought about by new regulations covering virtually every business activity, stress levels are only going to increase unless software and processes help compliance officers keep on top of their game and optimise their time to produce meaningful reports to management.

Compliance Experts GRC Solution To Monitor Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code Compliance

Leading risk and compliance management solutions provider iComply Pty Ltd today announced the successful deployment of its online compliance solution – iAppraise – in support of Communications Compliance.
The TCP Code is a code of conduct for the Telecommunications Industry in Australia. It provides community safeguards in the areas of sales, service and contracts, billing, credit and debt management, changing suppliers, and complaint handling. It also sets out a framework of code compliance and monitoring. The TCP Code was registered by the ACMA on 1 September 2012 and applies to all Carriage Service Providers in Australia.