5 Ways A Compliance Officer Is Like A Swiss Army Knife

bigstock-Red-Army-Knife-multi-tool-on--53358448It will come as no surprise to any compliance officer that the skill sets they must possess often stray far from any “textbook” definition of the job. What they may not consider is that, at times, their job may have a lot in common with the more exotic skill sets required of spies, gamblers, and diplomats.

Compliance officers are often treated as the corporate equivalent of a Swiss Army knife—a multi-disciplined tool ready to handle any problem shuffled upon them.  The compliance officer is expected to be multi lingual in the sense that he or she is speaking the languages of lawyers, regulators, HR, auditors, bankers, investors, and whatever other specialists populate the marketplace and supply chain.

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Are you struggling to meet compliance, minimise risk, and keep up in a world where new regulations are imposed, by the thousands, every year?

Business owners and managers face the real threat of shut downs, fines and even jail for non-compliance, causing compliance officers, like you, more stress than ever before. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with trying to manage numerous audits and provide reports in a timely fashion? Are you feeling frustrated because you don’t have the tools you need to keep on top?